Professor in the Pauline Jewett Institute Of Women’s And Gender Studies, Dr. Megan Rivers-Moore has been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant for her project Compañeras! Sex worker organizing in Latin America. Dr. Kate Hardy of the University of Leeds is a co-applicant on the project, and Dr. Laura MacDonald of Carleton’s Department of Political Science is a collaborator.

Dr. Megan Rivers-Moore

Dr. Megan Rivers-Moore

Compañeras! Sex worker organizing in Latin America

Focusing on the regional network Redtrasex (The Network of Latin American and Caribbean Sex Workers), this project will be the first to explore the role and impact of this regional network on local and national organizing in two country case studies. With the goal of building towards a larger comparative research agenda, this pilot project will focus on Redtrasex and its relationship with local organizations in Colombia and Nicaragua. This project will provide new insights into the varying ways in which sex workers in the region are organizing in the face of conflicting transnational policy trends. The research will offer new theoretical contributions to how we understand the role of the regional networks in working with national level organizations around labour struggles.

Read more about Dr. Rivers-Moore and her most recent publication, Gringo Gulch: Sex, Tourism, and Social Mobility in Costa Rica.

Gringo Gulch Book Cover

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