Parking Services is pleased to announce that as of May 2, Carleton’s new secure storage compound for students, staff, or faculty cycling to campus will officially open. This new compound is located between Dunton Tower and Azrieli Pavilion on Library Road. Spaces at the Dunton Tower compound will be available for rental on May 2. Like the other secure bicycle compounds, it requires card access to enter and is protected by CCTV camera coverage. A Bike Compound permit allows you to secure your bike in any of the campus bike compounds, at your convenience. Registration and administration of these bike storage areas are managed by Parking Services. You can view more information on the bike compounds on their website.  This new location aligns to the Carleton Transportation Plan and the feedback we received to improve bike storage facilities in order to overcome key challenges to cycling to and from campus.

Two existing compounds are located beneath the pool deck at Athletics across from the Colonel By Child Care Centre, as well as at Residence Commons.

Please be reminded to use a quality U-Lock to secure your bicycle to the racks provided. All property secured within this facility is left at the owner’s risk so it is important to ensure that you properly secure your valuables and that you do not allow unauthorized users access to the facility.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding secure bike storage, contact or call 613-520-3623.