The Department of Housing and Residence Life Services sends out a survey to all students living in Residence that gives them the opportunity to submit a nomination for their Favourite Faculty member. This survey simply stated: Who is the faculty member, and why are they so great?

Our Masters student, Caitlin Manuel has been nominated this year as a TA for one of our disability studies courses!  Here’s what the students had to say:

“Very relatable TA, makes a zoom call welcoming which is a huge challenge this year. Replies to your emails as fast as she can, which is extremely appreciated. Makes a zoom call more like an in-person discussion group, which most of my TA cants[sic] achieve.”

Congratulations Caitlin!

Previous nominees from our department:


Erin McHarge (Women and Gender Studies)She keeps the tutorials interesting and answers any questions we have. She is able to make the morning class a fun time with her sense of humour and keeps the class engaged with the content!

Dr. Katharine BauschShe is truly passionate about the subject and so helpful in and out of class for whatever your needs. Katherine is an excellent and engaging speaker in the lecture. She makes attending afternoon classes on Fridays enjoyable! Katie is always available to answer any questions from her students, even the day of an assignment being due. She also makes sure both the lecture and discussion groups are a safe space with trigger warnings before certain content and clarifying terms / concepts about groups of people used in class.


Dr. Katharine Bausch: She obviously cares about her students and their success, she is very clear with assignments and is very helpful whenever you are unsure. She is respectful of everyone and preaches acceptance inside and outside of the classroom, something we could always use more of. She is the most kind professor I have and has helped make my transition from high school to post-secondary a lot easier. I am glad to have another semester with her in the winter.


Dr. Amrita Hari : Dr. Hari is really supportive and understanding. One of the best professors I’ve had so far!

Dr. Katharine BauschShe spends time listening to each student and makes sure everyone gets a chance to speak.


Dr. Debra Graham (Retired): She’s engaging, funny, inclusive, supportive and caring!