Daniel McNeil was awarded a Carleton University Research Prize at the annual Passion for Research Luncheon, on Monday, October 5.

Daniel McNeil research award at Passion for Research luncheon

Daniel McNeil receives award from Vice-President (Research and International) Nimal Rajapakse at the Carleton Passion for Research luncheon 2015. Photo credit: Justin Tang.

The Migration and Diaspora Studies (MDS) Steering Committee, which McNeil chairs, received a Building Connection research award for its history of achieving outstanding success in building relationships and connections that have had a sustained impact across multiple research programs.

In addition to McNeil, members of the committee include Sarah Casteel, Howard Duncan, Martin Geiger, Catherine Khordoc, James Milner, Daiva Stasiulis, Ming Tiampo, Christopher Worswick, and Jeff Sahadeo.

Migration and Diaspora Studies research award at Passion for Research Luncheon

Migration and Diaspora Studies steering committee. From left to right: Christopher Worswick, James Milner, Ming Tiampo, Daniel McNeil, Catherine Khordoc, Sarah Casteel, Howard Duncan, Jeff Sahadeo, and Nimal Rajapakse (Vice-President Research and International). Photo credit: Justin Tang.

Members of Carleton’s MDS Steering Committee have been working with international colleagues to publicize and help address the plight of the world’s growing refugee population.

Dominique Marshall, the chair of History, noted that the MDS program encourages scholarship through an accessible system of grants. “It is with the active and attentive support of Dr. Daniel McNeil, for instance, that the Baha’i community has planned a rich and promising colloquium on the history of the Baha’i refugee movement for next September, housed in my unit, and lead by our alumni Dr. Anthony Michel.”

The MDS steering committee is keen to hear from colleagues at Carleton about the best ways to use the research award, and looks forward to continuing to support graduate and faculty research with its:

Deadline for abstracts to be submitted to Johnny AlamOctober 12.

Description: Awarded annually by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs to a full-time graduate student who is pursuing courses in Migration and Diaspora Studies. Recipients may be residents of any province or territory in Canada and must qualify as entitled to the Canadian Resident Tuition Fee Structure.

Value: $20,000 (scholarship)

Deadline for applications to be submitted to Dawn SchmidtOctober 19.

MDS welcomes applications that support events and activities such as conferences, seminars, talks, short films, and artistic installations that will:

  • Facilitate discussion and dialogue amongst members of Carleton’s MDS community.
  • Provide intellectual benefits to the interdisciplinary and diverse MDS community.
  • Raise the profile of the Migration & Diaspora studies initiative at Carleton, and with national and international communities of scholars and outside partners.

MDS welcomes applications from any discipline, and especially encourages applications for interdisciplinary activities, but please note that these funds are not intended for individual research projects.

Deadline for requests to be submitted to Dawn SchmidtNovember 19 (although early applications are accepted and encouraged).

Past MDS-sponsored events involving colleagues in the History Department include:

Further testimonials for the MDS initiative from colleagues in FASS and FPA:

“The opportunities presented by the work of the MDS Steering Committee have and continue to position Carleton University as a national and global leader in the field of Migration and Diaspora Studies. Their collaborative, cross-Faculty, style of work has contributed significantly and strategically to Carleton’s further growth and development as a comprehensive university. Because of their dedication to bringing together teams of researchers, regardless of background or academic discipline, the MDS team has achieved continued success in attracting research funding, building capacity and collaborations, and producing cutting-edge research.” —André Plourde, Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs (nominator)

“The MDS Initiative has turned Carleton into a nationally and internationally recognized leader in research and teaching on human mobility and migration, examining its social, cultural, political, and economic implications from an interdisciplinary perspective. In the past two years alone, MDS has enabled a number of research events relevant to the mandate of EURUS (and) was also instrumental in adding a third faculty member with expertise in migration to EURUS.” —Achim Hurrelmann, Director, Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

“I highly recommend the MDS team for the Building Connections Research Prize. Their recent, dynamic, sustained and solid efforts at creating and nurturing relationships between scholars on campus, and between scholars and the community, have served my department, my research and the communities involved very well.” —Dominique Marshall, Professor and Chair, Department of History

“I have very much appreciated the way in which the MDS works together collectively and harmoniously across traditional academic boundaries. The group has excelled in developing a strong collaboration and has made great strides in a very short period of time. They bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplinary and methodological backgrounds … I think they also help promote Carleton’s reputation as an inclusive and progressive institution that is open to diversity and that helps promote public policies in benefit of marginalized communities.” —Laura Macdonald, Professor and Director, Institute of Political Economy