The Shannon Lectures in History are a series of thematically linked public lectures offered at Carleton University each autumn and made possible through the Shannon Donation, a major gift from a long-time friend of the Department of History

The objectives of the series are four-fold:

  1. to explore and illuminate the social dimensions of the past, particularly with reference to the social history of Canada;
  2. to demonstrate the linkages between approaches to Canadian history and the wider body of international scholarship;
  3. to encourage cooperation and a sense of collegiality between the different communities of historians in Canada, whether in universities, public institutions, or private agencies;
  4. to popularize innovative historical methods, practices, or genres, and to convey them in lectures intended to engage a general audience in an informative and accessible manner.

The Shannon Funds were donated by Lois M. Long in memory of her parents James Buchanan Long and Ida May (Davidson).

The Shannon Lecture Series