The Shannon Lectures in History is a series of thematically linked public lectures offered annually at Carleton University made possible through the Shannon Donation, a major anonymous gift from a friend of the Department of History. Click here for further information about the Shannons.

The Shannon Lecture Series for 2015 examines ways in which our understanding of the past is enhanced through performance. What does it mean when our histories take alternative forms such as film, theatre, re-enactment, cabaret, and virtual gaming? How does re-staging the past in these ways shape the history that is produced and how audiences experience the past? Our exploration of performed histories and historians as performers will be encouraged by five scholars and practitioners who will talk about their work in a series of Friday afternoon lectures: Lisa Peschel, Bruno Ramirez, Maxime Durand, Vanessa Agnew, and Peter Hinton.

Performing History: Re-Staging the Past

All lectures will take place in the Multi-Media Lab, Discovery Centre, MacOdrum Library starting at 1:30PMfollowed by a reception in the History Lounge (433PA).

Friday Sept 18

Cabaret scene illustrated

Ferdinand Bloch: Terezín Cabaret, PT 3958, Terezín Memorial, Herman´s Collection, © Zuzana Dvořáková

“Theatre and the Holocaust: Recently Rediscovered Scripts from the Terezín/Theresienstadt Ghetto”

Dr Lisa Peschel (University of York, England)

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Friday Oct 9

man in suit filmed by cameras

La Deroute, Bruno Ramirez

“Through Images, Words, and Sounds: Filmic Narration and Public History”

Dr Bruno Ramirez (University of Montreal)

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Friday Oct 23

image of big ben from rooftop

Scene from Assassin’s Creed Victory

“From Dreams to Realities: Performing History in the Assassin’s Creed® Video Game Series”

Mr Maxime Durand (Ubisoft, Montreal)

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Friday Nov 13

illustration with landscape and caption 'die freiheit der lehre'

© Vanessa Agnew ‘Defending the Freedom to Teach the Armenian Genocide’

“Reenacting Genocide”

Dr Vanessa Agnew (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

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Friday Nov 27

actors on stage performing pygmalion

Scene from Pygmalion

“Why Shaw Now? A Modern Pygmalion”

Mr Peter Hinton (Shaw Festival Theatre)

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