The History Undergraduate Society (HUgS)

HUgS is for Carleton University students who are History majors/minors or just love history! It’s a social group for those who are enthusiastic about history and want to talk and mingle with other like-minded history buffs. Regular “HUgS and Tea” events for laid back evenings allow you the opportunity to discuss your essays and class work and your historical interests in general with our HUgS executives, professors, and fellow history fanatics.

We are still committed to giving students a community in which to share our love of all things history. We have increased our social media presence, so follow us on Instagram and Twitter and join the Facebook group to get involved this year. We will be sharing resources for online learning, information on Carleton and the department for new and returning students, virtual museum tours, online lectures, and more! If you have any suggestions or requests for events that can be held virtually we are all ears. You can DM us on social media or send an email to the HUgS gmail account. We’re looking forward to the new year and hope you are too!

We’ve also created a Discord Server to encourage students to connect with each other outside the virtual classroom. To join you will need the Discord app on your phone or computer. Then follow the invite link below. If you are new to Discord and need any help please feel free to shoot us an email at