An Interdisciplinary Symposium in History

The Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium is one of the longest running history graduate conferences in Canada. On March 9-11, 2017, the Department of History, Carleton University, hosted the 23rd Annual Colloquium.

This year’s theme, “Revealing the Past,” aimed to highlight how self-conscious historical work reveals the past. Historians revel in a good archive, we reveal or complexify events in our pasts, we reveal these pasts to our publics in our presentation of our understandings, and finally we reveal ourselves and our assumptions within the narratives we construct. Revelations are gradual, or sudden; they can be subtle, or they can shake the foundations of our craft. We encouraged participants to be creative in their interpretation of revelations, and we drew researchers whose interdisciplinary work broadened our understanding of historical work.

We chose this theme to highlight ongoing conversations about how historians communicate and present their work to others, be they academic or public, as well as to connect the keynote and luncheon addresses. We were pleased to have Dr. Rhonda Hinther from Brandon University, Manitoba as our keynote speaker. The luncheon address was presented by Carleton University’s Dr. Monica Patterson.

The Underhill Colloquium is an invaluable conference experience for students, providing a collegial environment in which to present their original research and build academic contacts. Our dynamic graduate students and supportive faculty will be glad to welcome you at future colloquiums, and share their exciting research in the field of history.

Submission deadline for papers for 2018:  TBC.  For more information on this past colloquium, please visit the Underhill Graduate Colloquium website or view the 2017 Program.