3000-level courses, 2017-18

All 3000-level courses require at least a previous 2000-level course in history or third-year standing and 1.0 credit in History. Scheduled times will be available at the end of May in Carleton Central. Please check Carleton Central regularly for any changes. Classroom locations will be posted by September 1.

Courses Timetable Instructor
HIST 3005A: Medieval Aristocratic Life (Field a) Winter M. Saurette
HIST 3009A: Studies in Greek History – “The Early Byzantine Period” (Field a) Fall offered by Classics
HIST 3011A: Medieval Cosmology (Field a or e) Winter W.R. Laird
HIST 3101A: Studies in Roman History – “TBC” (Field a) Winter offered by Classics
HIST 3106A: Social History of Sexuality (Field e) Fall J. Evans
HIST 3109A: Social History of Alcohol (Field e) Winter R. Phillips
HIST 3109V: Social History of Alcohol (Field e) Winter – CUOL R. Phillips
HIST 3120O: History of the Body (Field e) Winter – Online D. Kinsey
HIST 3205A: Canadian Business History: The Brewing Industry, 1670-2017 (Field c) Fall M. Bellamy
HIST 3209A: Canadian Urban History (Field c) Winter B. Elliott
HIST 3304A: Canadian-American Relations (Field c) Winter G.N. Hillmer
HIST 3305A/B: Crime and State in History (Field e) Fall offered by Law
HIST 3305C: Crime and State in History (Field e) Winter offered by Law
HIST 3305V: Crime and State in History (Field e) Winter – CUOL offered by Law
HIST 3306A: Canada’s International Policies (Field c) Fall G.N. Hillmer
HIST 3310A: Animals in History (Field c or e) Winter J. Dean
HIST 3406A: African-American Women (Field c or e) Winter P. Walker
HIST: 3410O: Popular Culture in 19th Century U.S. (Field c) Winter – Online J. Miller
HIST 3510A: Indigenous Peoples of Canada (Field c) Fall M. Hogue
HIST 3515O: Madness in Modern Times (Field e) Fall – Online J. Miller
HIST 3715A: Themes in South Asian History – “Gandhi and the Modern World” (Field d) Fall C. Jangam
HIST 3806A: Japan Since 1945 (Field d) Winter J. Kovalio
HIST 3807A: Practicum in History Unscheduled D. Dean, co-ordinator
HIST 3809A: Historical Representations (Field e) Fall J. Walsh
HIST 3810A: Historical Theory Fall K. Abel
HIST 3810B: Historical Theory Winter B. Robertson
HIST 3812A: Digital History (Field e) Winter S. Graham
HIST 3813A: Problems in Global & Transnational Histories (Field d or e) Fall D. Marshall
HIST 3902A/T: Topics in European History – “A History of the Future” (Field e) Fall/CUOL J. Fedorowicz
HIST 3902B: Topics in European History – “The Soviet Union: Revolution, Power, and Society in the World’s First Communist State” (Field b or e) Winter E. Fraser
HIST 3902C: Topics in European History – “The Old Regime – France before the Revolution” (Field a) Winter E. P. Fitzgerald
HIST 3904A: Topics in U.S. History – “The U.S. & Its Borderlands: Immigration, Exclusion & Border-Making” (Field c) Winter M. Hogue
HIST 3904B: Topics in U.S. History – “Fighting Words: Contemporary Perspectives on the American Civil War” (Field c) Fall J. St. Germain
HIST 3905A: Topics in International History – “United Nations peacekeeping: Setting the stage for peace” (Field b) Fall M. Jesenský
HIST 3906A: Topics in World History – “Imperialism, Settler Nationalism, and Indigenous Resistance during the South African War, 1899-1902” (Field d) Winter S. Klausen
HIST 3906B: Topics in World History – “History of the Modern Middle East” (Field d) Fall E. Ozbek
HIST 3907C: Transnational or Thematic Topic – “Uses and Abuses of Radio in History” (Field e) Fall Sean Graham
HIST 3907A: Transnational or Thematic Topic – “Black Freedoms: African American Culture from Abolition to Black Lives Matter” (Field c or e) Winter offered by English
HIST 3907B: Transnational or Thematic Topic – “Populism in History” (Field e) Winter J. Evans
HIST 3907C: Transnational or Thematic Topic – “History of Weather, Climate, and Climate Change” (Field e) Winter J. Dean

Disclaimer: this list of courses is drawn up several months in advance and is subject to change.