4000-level seminars, 2019-20 – more courses to be added as they become available

4000-level seminars are primarily for Honours students in History who are at the fourth-year level. If you are a fourth-year Honours student in a program other than History and wish to take a 4000-level History seminar, please submit an override request through Carleton Central. Override requests will be reviewed by the instructor who may provide permission to register for individual students outside of History. The department recommends that students have completed a lower-level course in the field(s) of the seminar(s) they intend to take.  Some instructors regard such preparation as very important; others do not. If you have not taken a course that would provide preparation for a particular seminar, you should always speak with the instructor first.

Scheduled times will be available at the end of June in Carleton Central. Please check Carleton Central for any changes. Classroom locations will be posted by September 1.

Course Timetable Instructor
HIST 4006A: Seminar in Medieval History: “The Medieval Arts Curriculum Fall/Winter (Full Year) W.R. Laird
HIST 4100A: Seminar in Early Modern European History – “The French Revolution Fall/Winter (Full Year) R. Phillips
HIST 4201A: Modern European History – TBC Fall TBC
HIST 4210A: Topics in Ancient History Winter offered by Classics
HIST 4302A: Canada: Ideas and Culture – “Making Documentary History Fall/Winter (Full Year) M. Ostroff
HIST 4303A: Society and Culture in Canada – TBC Winter J. Walsh
HIST 4304A: Canada: Politics & Society TBC Fall/Winter (Full Year) M. Bellamy
HIST 4305A: Political History in Canada – TBC Winter L. Madokoro
HIST 4606A: Contemporary Europe: From Postwar to the European Union Fall J. Evans
HIST 4703A: The Global South – TBC Fall A. Diptee
HIST 4802A: Seminar in International History – “The First World War, the United States, and Global Disorder, 1898-1931 Fall/Winter (Full Year) A. Johnston

Disclaimer: this list of courses is drawn up several months in advance and is subject to change.