HIST 4915A: Topics in History: Anti-Colonial Resistance in the Modern Middle East
Fall 2023

Instructor: Professor Hussam Ahmed

Course Description:

By the end of the First World War, European powers had colonized most parts of the region we usually refer to as the Middle East, triggering strong responses from the peoples of the region. In this course, we will focus on various forms of resistance to British and French colonialism in the Middle East in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By taking an in-depth look at Egypt, Greater Syria and Algeria, we will cover the following themes: similarities and differences between British and French forms of colonial rule, colonial government and bureaucracy, colonial education, mediating elites and colonial citizenship, anti-colonial thought and preparation for self-rule, anti-colonial organizations, armed rebellion and decolonization. We will also look at the legacies of anti-colonial resistance through some readings from the more contemporary period, including fiction and film.


This class will meet in person. The class will be organized into three-hour seminars.