The course offerings and history field designations for the current year are available on this website, listed by level, for the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000-level History courses.

Note that students may take higher-level courses to meet lower-level course requirements (e.g. you may use a 2000-level History credit to fulfill a 1000-level requirement).

Students enrolled as History majors, combined majors, and History minors should ensure that they are following the proper degree requirements in choosing their courses.

Students should ensure that they are satisfying the field requirements in choosing their courses.   Every History course at the 1000-, 2000- and 3000-level has a field designation (except HIST 2809, 3807, 3810, and 3820, none of which may be used to satisfy the field requirement). Students majoring in History and admitted prior to 2023 must complete at least 0.5 credits in each of four of the five fields (a “credit” is one full course or two half-courses).  The fields are: (a) the world before 1750 (b) modern Europe (c) North America (d) Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America (e) ideas, culture, and society.

Having trouble?  Students are welcome to contact the History Undergraduate Administrator, Tanya Schwartz, at 400 Paterson Hall or, or the History Undergraduate Supervisor, Prof. Marc Saurette, at 440 Paterson Hall, 613-520-2828, or for any questions about their program. For questions about the B.A., students can seek assistance through the Academic Advising Centre.

For questions or concerns regarding Latin America and Caribbean Studies courses, please contact