Photo of Tanya Schwartz

Tanya Schwartz

Undergraduate Administrator

Office:400 Paterson

Meet Tanya, the History Department’s Undergraduate Administrator

Leaving secondary school or Cégep and entering postsecondary study is a big adjustment. Even transfer students who have attended university in the past can find it challenging. This change can be stressful, but know that you are not alone. While faculty, administrators, and your fellow students can be a big help, there is one person who would love to be your main point of contact: Tanya Schwartz, the Undergraduate Administrator for the Department of History. Think of Tanya as your personal tour guide as you navigate all the new challenges facing you at Carleton University. She can help you make sense of your audit so you can choose your courses with confidence. She can explain how making a change to your program can affect your degree. She can also direct you to other services on campus like when you need help navigating the library, fixing a registration error, or accessing health and counseling services. As a student herself, she has faced many of the same issues you have. So any time you have a concern, know that Tanya is here to help you. There is nothing she would rather be doing than helping students succeed. (Well, maybe reading a good book surrounded by her three dogs, but helping students is a very close second!)

So come and talk to her anytime: stop by 400 Paterson, give her a call at 613-520-2828 or send her an email at