Students can study History through the Bachelor of Global and International Studies degree. This 20.0 credit Honours B.G.In.S. degree has four components:

  • A 4.5 credit core course sequence, mandatory for all students in the degree;
  • One of 12 Specializations, of 7.5 credits each, including our Specialization in Global and Transnational History;
  • A language requirement; and
  • An overseas experience requirement.

The Specialization in Global and Transnational History

The 7.5 credit specialization in Global and Transnational History explores the roots of our era’s global interconnectedness and allows students to discover the historical origins of today’s challenges. The civil war in Syria, for example, is impossible to comprehend without attention to the role of the British and French in the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War and the exacerbation of cultural and religious divisions in the region.

The specialization in Global and Transnational History combines core courses in global, transnational, and international history with a broad range of electives examining the history of pivotal regions across the globe (Latin America, Africa, and South Asia) and important themes in global and transnational history. During their second and third years, students choose 4.0 credits from a list of electives exploring such diverse topics as the history of the movies, historical understandings of the body, the history of young people, the history of sexuality, the history of American foreign policy, and the comparative history of indigenous peoples. In their fourth year, students take capstone research seminars that allow them to do original historical research. Students will graduate with the historical knowledge, conceptual vocabulary, and ability to think critically necessary to understand key global challenges and articulate this knowledge in a range of ways.

The 7.5 credits needed for a Specialization in Global and Transnational History are as follows:

1.0 credit HIST 1707 World History
1.0 credit from a list of relevant second year courses
4.0 credits from a list of relevant third year courses
0.5 credit HIST 3813 Problems in Global and Transnational Histories
1.0 credit from a list of 4th year seminars on an international, transnational, or global history topic

View a list of all courses in the specializationand a sample first year for the B.G.In.S. Specialization in Global and Transnational History.

Core Faculty:
A. Diptee, C. Jangam, A. Johnston, and D. Kinsey

Faculty who contribute courses in the specialization:
A. Diptee, J. Evans, N. Hillmer, M. Hogue, C. Jangam, A. Johnston, D. Kinsey, J. Kovalio, S. Lipsett-Rivera, P. Litt, D. Marshall, J. Miller, P. Walker, S. Whitney.

For more information about the Global and Transnational History Specialization contact the History Department’s Undergraduate Administrator, Tanya Schwartz.