Photo of Norman Hillmer

Norman Hillmer

Chancellor's Professor (History and International Affairs) -international history; Canadian foreign and defence policy; Canada and the United States; British-Canadian relations and the Commonwealth; peace operations and conflict resolution; Canadian politics; political leadership and political culture.

Degrees:B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Office:446 Paterson Hall

Book Projects

Canadian Peacekeeping: A Contradictory History (University of British Columbia Press)

Canada Among Nations 2024: Canada and the New National Security (Palgrave Macmillan)

Recent Honours and Awards

Elected, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2019

Senior Fellow, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, University of Toronto, 2019-

Research Achievement Award, Carleton University, 2017 (for 2018-2019)

Order of Canada, 2016

Charles P. Stacey Prize, 2015-2016

Finalist (for OD. Skelton: A Portrait of Canadian Ambition): Canada Prize in the Humanities, 2015; Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, 2016; John W. Dafoe Book Prize, 2016; and Ottawa Book Award, 2016.

William Goodenough Association of Canada (Goodenough College), Benefactors’ Award, 2014

Visitor, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012

Select Publications, 2008-2023

“Canada’s Diplomatic Autobiographers and the Burden of History, 1928-1984,” in Greg Donaghy and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, eds., People, Politics, and Purpose: Biography and Canadian Political History (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2023), 26-47 [with Robert Bothwell].

“The Presidents and the Polls: An Inquiry into Canadian Anti-Americanism, 1963-2021,” American Review of Canadian Studies, 52, 4 (2022),  381-401 [with Stephen Azzi].

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“National Independence and the National Interest: O. D. Skelton’s Department of External Affairs in the 1920s,” in Greg Donaghy and Michael K. Carroll, eds., In the National Interest: Canadian Foreign Policy and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 1909-2009 (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2011), 11-26.

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Canada’s International Policies: Agendas, Alternatives, and Politics (Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press, 2008) [with Brian W. Tomlin and Fen Osler Hampson], vi, 432.

Completed Graduate Supervisions, 2012-2022

Sarah Catherine Catterall, “The Kandahar Cenotaph, Commemoration, and the Politics of Place,” M. A. Research Essay, History, 2022.

Ann Walton, “A Family Home for Toronto’s Aged Poor: The Social Service Mission of Strachan House, 1925-1958,” Ph.D., History, 2022.

Christian McGregor, “‘For Good or for Evil’: The Early Atomic Age in Maclean’s, Saturday Night, Life, and The Saturday Evening Post, 1945-1950,” M. A. Thesis, History, 2022.

Susan R. Hagborg Wildey, “The South African Information Service and English-Canadian Journalism, 1949-1960,” M. A. Thesis, History, 2021.

Michael Cesare Chiarello, “The Course and Canon of Left Nationalism in English Canada, 1968-1979,” Ph.D., History, 2020.

Camus Clowater-Eriksson, “Integration: Women in the Canadian Air Force, An Audio Documentary,” M. A. Research Essay, History, 2020.

Nancy Carvell, “A People Apart: New Brunswick Acadians, Conscription, and the Second World War,” M. A. Thesis, History, 2019.

Angus McCabe, “Canada’s Response to the 1968 Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia: An Assessment of the Trudeau Government’s First International Crisis,” M. A. Thesis, History, 2019.

Philip Michael Lamancusa, “The Canadian War Museum’s 1812: A Question of Perspective,” M. A. Thesis, History, 2019.

Ian Wereley, “Imagining the Age of Oil: Case Studies in British Petrocultures, 1865-1935,” Ph.D., History, 2018 (Dissertation Committee).

Claude LeBlanc, “Maurice A. Pope: A Study in Military Leadership,” Ph.D., War Studies, The Royal Military College of Canada, 2018.

Mallory Pierce, “What a Country!”: English-Canadian Newspapers, Humanitarian Exceptionalism, and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956,” M. A. Research Essay, History, 2018.

Karly Deanna Hurlock, “For Peaceful Purposes: Indo-Canadian Relations, Development Assistance, and the Bomb in the 1970s,” M. A. Research Essay, History, 2018.

Larysa Lubka-Lewyckyj, “A Delicate Balance (Although Not Always): Maclean’s Views the United States, 1958-1963,” M. A. Research Essay, History, 2018.

Sarah Hogenbirk, “Women Inside the Canadian Military, 1938-1966,” Ph.D., History, 2017

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