2000-level courses, 2019-20 – more details to be added as they become available

2000-level courses are generally reserved for students in the second year and beyond. Students beginning their first year at Carleton may take History courses with numbers at both the 1000 and 2000 levels. However, 1000-level courses are recommended for first-year students because they are designed to ease the transition to university work. 2000-level courses expect more in the way of writing and study skills, but they are suitable for entering students with good preparation or a specialized interest in the area of the course. For that reason a limited number of places for entering students is available in 2000-level courses. Scheduled times will be available in late May in Carleton Central. Please check Carleton Central regularly for any changes. Classroom locations will be posted by September 1.

Courses Timetable Instructor
HIST 2000A: Medieval Europe (field a) Fall/Winter (Full Year) S. Keeshan
HIST 2204A: Early Modern Europe 1350-1650 (field a) Fall J. Dyck
HIST 2206A: Early Modern Europe 1600-1800 (field a) Winter N. Leddy
HIST 2301A: Canadian Political History (field c) Fall K. Badgley
HIST 2304A: Social and Cultural History of Canada (field c) Fall/Winter (Full Year) J. Walsh
HIST 2309A: Modern Latin America (field d) Winter S. Lipsett-Rivera
HIST 2311A: Environmental History of Canada (filed c or e) Fall B. Bradley
HIST 2312A: History of the Indian Ocean World (field d) Fall C. Jangam
HIST 2401A: History of the United States to 1865 (field c) Fall H. Goldman
HIST 2402A: History of the United States from 1865 (field c) Winter H. Goldman
HIST 2510A: 19th-Century Germany (field b) Fall N. Thornton
HIST 2511A: 20th-Century Germany (field b) Winter J. Evans
HIST 2600A: History of Russia (field a or b) Fall/Winter (Full Year) E. Fraser
HIST 2706A: Ancient and Pre-Colonial Africa (field d) Fall M. Ali
HIST 2707A: Modern Africa (field d) Winter M. Ali
HIST 2710O: Introduction to Caribbean History (field d) Winter – online A. Diptee
HIST 2809A: The Historian’s Craft Fall M. Hogue
HIST 2809B: The Historian’s Craft Winter D. Marshall
HIST 2902A: History of Ancient Greece I
(Field a)
Fall offered by Classics
HIST 2903A: History of Ancient Greece II
(Field a)
Winter offered by Classics
HIST 2904A: History of Ancient Rome I (Field a) Fall offered by Classics
HIST 2905A: History of Ancient Rome II (Field a) Winter offered by Classics
HIST 2911A: History of Science (field a, b, or e) Fall/Winter (Full Year) W. R. Laird

Disclaimer: this list of courses is drawn up several months in advance and is subject to change.