Photo of Jacob Kovalio

Jacob Kovalio

Associate Professor - Modern Japan, diplomatic and political; Japanese and Asian nationalism / racism/anti-Semitism; Japan, East Asia and Islam in modern times

Degrees:B.A. (Tel-Aviv), M.A. (Pittsburgh), Ph.D. (Pittsburgh)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2839
Office:411 Paterson Hall


The website FREE & OPEN launched in September 2021, and is inspired by the legacy in Japanese, Asian and global international relations of Abe Shinzō – the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan (2006-7 & 2012-20).

Research Interests

  • Japanese diplomatic history, foreign policy, political culture, nationalism and antisemitism, Chinese  hegemonism,  international relations in the Indo-Pacific  area in the 21st century.
  • Pan-Asianism and Asian international relations
  • Hugh Keenleyside, Kenneth P. Kirkwood, Herbert Norman and Japan

Honours and Awards

2021 Recipient of the 2021 Order of the Rising Sun Gold Rays with Rosette from the Government of Japan for promoting the study of Japan in Canada and Canadian-Japanese relations.
2014, September: recipient of a Foreign Minister of Japan’s Commendation for contributions to the study of Japan in Canada and to Canadian-Japanese friendship.
2013, 2007: Finalist for the National Capital Region Excellence in Teaching Award.
2004 (May): Korea Foundation Short-Term Visiting Fellow
2002: Japan Foundation Research Fellowship
2001 [April]: Head of Canadian Asia specialists’ delegation to the Republic of China [Taiwan].
2000, 1998, 1991: Excellence in Teaching Awards
2000 [April]: Invited lecturer at the Center for  Strategic and International Studies [CSIS]  of the People’s Liberation Army [PLA] , Beijing.
1996 [to 2002]: Japan Foundation Research Fellowships.
1992-93: President of the Japan Studies Association of Canada [JSAC].

Conferences/Symposia Organizer

Organizer of the 25th Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada [JSAC], October 2012, Carleton University.

International Conference on Canada-Japan relations, 2002, Carleton University.

Organizer of the 5th Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Organization of Canada [JSAC], October 1992, Carleton University.

Select Publications

“Four decades since the publication of E.W. Said’s Orientalism: brief comments on its ideological roots and impact on Japan and Japan-related scholarship,” in 2019, Japan’s World and the World’s Japan: Conference Proceedings of the 2018, 31st Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada [JSAC] University of Alberta, Edmonton, Aya Fujiwara and James White eds., pp. 109-125, JSAC website, 2018 publication link.

“A Liberal China policy for Canada’s  majority Conservative administration?” at, July 2011.

“Understanding Chinese Confucommunism,” at, 2010.

The Russian Protocols of Zion in Japan : YUDAYAKA/Jewish Peril Propaganda and Debates in the 1920s .New York: Peter Lang, 2009.

“The tumultuous Kanreki of the Koizumi administration,” CANCAPS Bulletin, November 2005.

“Abusing History for Political Ends,” GLOCOM.COM, Japan, April 2005.

”Security issues in US-China relations at the dawn of the 21st century,“ in Jahrbuch für internationale Sicherheitspolitik ,2000.

“Gendai Nihonron” [Modern Japanese Studies] in Katō Hiroaki ed. Eriyastadey nyūmon chiiki kenkyū [Area Studies-Introduction to Regional Studies] (Kyōto: Shōwadō, May 2000).

Japan in Focus , ed. Captus Press, York University Publications, 1994.


“A Transformational Leader: Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan,” podcast forthcoming

“The Beijing Regime at 70: from Maoism to Corporatism,” podcast forthcoming