The Department of History offers graduate students a variety of scholarships and awards in addition to the regular funding package offered at the time of admittance. The Department nominates graduate students for university-wide awards, and it administers its own internal awards (outlined below) to full-time students in progress.  Early in the winter term, the graduate supervisor will send out a memo outlining the procedure for applying for these awards.  If you have any questions about awards, bursaries, or other forms of funding administered by the department, please contact the graduate supervisor.

Please note that the descriptions below are only guidelines.  For official versions of award descriptions, and for a full list of awards available to graduate students,  please consult the graduate awards database.


David Farr Travel Awards  Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs or the Chair of the Department of History. The award is to assist in defraying the costs of research-related travel for a graduate student in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs or the Department of History. The criteria for the award are academic excellence and a clear statement of the benefits for the student’s research for the proposed travel. Endowed 2008 by David Farr.  Letter/statement from student required.

Peter Browne Memorial Scholarship Fund  This scholarship was established in 1983 by students, friends, and colleagues of the late Professor G. Peter Browne. The recipient will be chosen by the awards committee upon the recommendation of the Department of History from among those students who apply. Preference will be given to deserving history graduate students who are nearing the completion of their thesis.  Letter of application from student required.

Don Wilton Campbell Memorial Scholarship  Awarded annually to an outstanding Master’s student in a History program who is in the process of researching and writing his/her thesis or research essay.

Frank H Underhill Scholarship  Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of History, to graduate student(s) in good standing in the Department of History taking courses or pursuing research in the political history, social policy, or constitutional history of Canada. Dr. Frank Underhill was one of Canada’s earliest intellectual historians. He was also a strident social critic, and many of his writings were devoted to political commentary. Dr. Underhill was a co-founder of the League for Social Reconstruction as well as one of the architects of the Regina Manifesto. In 1955 Dr. Underhill joined Carleton serving on Senate and as a Professor of Political Science. Dr. Underhill willed his personal library to Carleton, and upon his death in 1971 the Underhill Reading Room within the Department of History was established, as was the annual graduate student colloquium in 1995, in his name. Established in 2004.

Lester B. Pearson Scholarships  Awarded after the first term of each academic year to three graduate students working in the areas of Canadian foreign policy, politics, or history.

Financial Need

Department of History Graduate Student Bursary for Ontario Students   Awarded annually to a graduate student in History who is in need of financial assistance. Endowed in 1997 by the faculty, staff and friends of the Department of History.  This bursary is open only to permanent residents of Ontario. OTSS form required.

Helen and Joe Connolly Bursary for Ontario Students  To be awarded annually to a deserving graduate student in Canadian history in need of financial assistance. Consideration for the award will be given on the basis of academic achievement combined with an interest in community involvement and extracurricular activities. Endowed in 1997 by Helen and Joe Connolly.  OTSS form and CV (re community involvement/extracurricular activities) required.

Stanley Mealing Bursary   Established in 1990 by former students, friends, and colleagues of Professor Stanley Mealing on the occasion of his retirement, this bursary is available to full-time master’s or Ph.D. students in history who require financial assistance in order to continue their studies at Carleton University.  Letter of application from student required.

Travel (Awards available all year long, if funds remain)

Frank H. Underhill Graduate Travel Bursary for Ontario Students and Frank H. Underhill Graduate Travel Bursary  This is an award in the gift of the Department, to provide partial support for the expenses of graduate students traveling to give conference papers or for research travel.  We will assist toward the costs of air and ground transportation, conference fees, and accommodation (but not meals), provided these can be backed up with receipts (or copies of receipts) upon your return. You must in a covering letter itemize your expenses and explain why you need to apply for funding to attend.  If you meet Ontario residency definitions you must also include an Ontario residency form so your bursary will then come out of the funds earmarked for students in this category.  You should also attach documentation of your itemized expenses where possible, and evidence of acceptance of your paper for the conference.   A letter of support from your supervisor is necessary; your supervisor should then submit the package to the graduate supervisor.