Summer Courses 2018

Course descriptions will be added as they become available beginning around the end of January 2018. Information on instructors will be available on March 12, 2018. In the meantime, please check out the brief descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar.

The Department of History is offering multiple sections of HIST 3907. Students who plan to register in more than one section this summer must fill out an override request through Carleton Central for each additional section as the registration system automatically prevents registering in more than one section in the same semester. Please contact the Undergraduate Administrator, Tanya Schwartz, if you require assistance.

Course Term Timetable Instructor
HIST 1001A: The Making of Europe (field a or b) May-Aug Tues & Thurs
H. Goldman & M. Lundrigan
HIST 2910O: Special Topic in History – A History of Oil (field e) July-Aug CUOL I. Wereley
HIST 3230A: Selected Topics in Economic History: Topic TBC (field e) May-June Tues & Thurs
offered by Economics
HIST 3714A: Holocaust Encounters (field b) May-June Mon & Wed
offered by Religion
HIST 3814O: Crafting Digital History (field e) May-June CUOL S. Graham
HIST 3907A: The Public History of Technology (field e) May-June Mon & Wed
B. Robertson
HIST 3907B: History of Disability (field e) July-Aug blended course:
online &
Tues &Thurs
S. Barron
HIST 4401A: United States History July-Aug Tues & Thurs
J. Miller