Sean Eedy

Contract Instructor

Degrees:B.A. (York University), B.A., Hons. (University of Ottawa), M.A. History (Carleton), Ph.D. History (Carleton).

Since graduating from Carleton in 2016 with his PhD in Modern European History, Sean has been teaching courses at Carleton University and Trent University’s Peterborough and Durham campuses.  In addition to more generalized survey courses on European history, Sean has taught on World War One, the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union, the Holocaust, and the history of comic books.  Sean’s scholarship has concerned itself with East German popular culture for children.  He recently published articles on the representation of the Holocaust in GDR comic books, time travel and the representation of history in comics, and on DEFA animated films adapting Grimm fairy tales in the early 1970s.  His current research involves East German underground comix and how subverting the comics medium, controlled by and representing the interests of the Party, was an act of resistance against the SED state.

Sean’s first book, Four Color Communism: Comic Books and Contested Power in the German Democratic Republic, is scheduled to be published by Berghahn Books in early 2021.