Mary Owusu

Contract Instructor

Mary Owusu teaches African history at the Department of History at Carleton. Her research interests lie in the areas of African intellectual, political and development histories, with a focus on Ghana. Her current research explores the intellectual history of female intellectual thought in the Gold Coast/ Ghana. Her methodological approach challenges the errors and gaps in African intellectual history that presents intellectualism as an endeavour solely undertaken by a few brilliant men.



Owusu, Mary A. S. Cosmopolitan Nationalism on the Gold Coast: Founding Fathers, Nation-Building and Transnational Thinkers (forthcoming Cambridge University Press)

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Journal Articles

Owusu, Mary. A. S., “A Mid-Victorian Cosmopolitan Nationalist: James Africanus Beale Horton Reconsidered,” Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana, New Series, No 19 (2019-2020), pp. 87-111.

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Book Chapters

Owusu, Mary. A. S., “Cosmopolitan Nationalism on the Gold Coast 1887-1920,” (book chapter, accepted for publication) in Falola, Toyin & Abikal Borah, Writing African Identities, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield 2022.

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