Admission Requirements

Applicants with an M.A. degree will be expected to have at least high honours standing. Applicants for the history of Women, Gender and Sexuality program will be expected to have at least one of their earlier degrees in history.

An applicant with an Honours bachelor’s degree who has achieved an outstanding academic record and, in addition, exhibits very strong motivation and high promise for advanced research, may be admitted to the Canadian Ph.D. program directly. Such candidates will be required to complete at least 15.0 credits.

Program Requirements

The program requirements for a Ph.D. in History include:

  • HIST 6808 (Historical Theory and Method)
  • HIST 6906 + History 6907 (Ph.D. tutorials and comprehensive exam in declared major field)
  • Two minor fields outside of the declared major field, which may include: HIST 6100 (Modern Europe), HIST 6200 (Early Modern Europe), HIST 6400 (United States), HIST 6500 (British), HIST 6600 (various transnational themes, such as Public History, negotiated with the department), HIST 6901 (Canadian), HIST 6903 (Women, Gender, Sexuality), or an approved course of studies in a related discipline.
  • HIST 6909 (Ph.D. Thesis)

Guidelines for Completion of Doctoral Degree

Written examinations will be taken in the two minor fields before the end of the student’s second term of study; an oral examination in the major field will be arranged during the student’s fourth term (usually the fall semester of the second year). Ph.D. candidates are required to submit a thesis proposal to the graduate supervisor within three months of completing their oral examination.

It is expected that full-time students will complete the thesis requirement within two years, and part-time students within four years.

Collaborative Ph.D. with a Specialization in Political Economy

The Department of History and the Institute of Political Economy offer a Collaborative Program in Political Economy at the Ph.D. level. For further details, see the Institute of Political Economy and the graduate calendar.

Residence Requirement

The normal residence requirement for the Ph.D. degree is a minimum of two years of full-time study for those who hold an M.A. If entering the program from a B.A. (Honours) degree, then three years of residency is required.

University of Ottawa

A Carleton University student may take one seminar in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa, with permission of the two departments.

Language Requirements

A reading knowledge of French will be required. Proven competence in an additional language or languages will be required if it is pertinent to the candidate’s program. The language examinations will be written early in the first post-M.A. year, and before the field examinations.

Disclaimer: Information on this is only a guideline and is subject to change. Please be sure to consult the graduate calendar for official program information.