Photo of James D. Miller

James D. Miller

Associate Professor & Chair - Slavery and emancipation in the United States and the Atlantic World; experiences and representations of insanity and asylum life; the history of art brut/outsider art

Degrees:B.A. (East Anglia), Ph.D. (Emory)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8032
Office:403 Paterson Hall

Research Interests

  • Slavery and Emancipation in the United States and the Atlantic World;
  • Experiences and Representations of Insanity and Asylum Life
  • The history of art brut/outsider art


Selected Publications

In progress. With Mary Margaret Johnston-Miller. Out of Alabama: The “Civilizing Mission” and the American Colonization of Liberia.

With Mary Margaret Johnston-Miller. “Scottie Wilson’s Canadian Legacy.” Raw Vision 89 (Spring, 2016).

With Mary Margaret Johnston-Miller. “Insider Art: The Asylum Drawings of John Gilmour.” Raw Vision 80 (Fall, 2013).

South by Southwest: planter emigration and identity in the slave south. (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2002).