Photo of Stephen Azzi

Stephen Azzi

Professor (cross-appointed Political Management)

Degrees:B.A. (Carleton), M.A. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Waterloo)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3115
Office:2435R RB

Professor Azzi is accepting graduate students in history; please contact him to inquire about specific areas of supervision.

Current research

  • Political leadership
  • Canadian-American relations
  • Canadian economic and cultural nationalism

Teaching interests

  • Prime ministerial leadership in Canada
  • Institutions and governance
  • Strategic communications
  • Canadian-American relations
  • US foreign policy

Selected publications

“Living the Good Life? Canadians and the Paradox of American Prosperity.” Chapter 9 in North of America: Canadians and the American Century, 1945–60, edited by Asa McKercher and Michael D. Stevenson. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2023. Pp. 235–258.

The Thwarted Ambitions of Paul Martin.” Chapter 13 in Statesmen, Strategists, and Diplomats: Canada’s Prime Ministers and the Making of Foreign Policy, edited by Patrice Dutil. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2023. Pp. 304–330.

“Prime Minister Lester Pearson: A Leadership Biography.” Chapter 5 in People, Politics, and Purpose: Biography and Canadian Political History, edited by Greg Donaghy and P. Whitney Lackenbauer. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2023. Pp. 132–158.

“The Presidents and the Polls, 1963–2021: An Inquiry into Canadian Anti-Americanism.” American Review of Canadian Studies 52, no. 4 (winter 2022): 381–401. (with Norman Hillmer)

“The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé.” Chapter 23 in The Governors General of Canada, 2nd ed., edited by Jean Chevrier et al. Montreal: New Federation House, 2022. Pp. 87–90.  Translated as “La très honorable Jeanne Sauvé.” Chapter 23 in Les Gouverneurs Généraux du Canada, 2nd ed., edited by Jean Chevrier et al. Montreal: Maison nouvelle fédération, 2022. Pp. 87–90.

Historical Dictionary of Canada. 3rd ed. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 2021. 724 pp. (with Barry Gough)

“The Nationalists of 1968 and the Search for Canadian Independence.” Chapter 4 in 1968 in Canada: A Year and Its Legacies, edited by Michael K. Hawes, Andrew C. Holman, and Christopher Kirkey. Ottawa: Canadian Museum of History and University of Ottawa Press, 2021. Pp. 71–94.

“Ranking Prime Ministers: Canada in a Commonwealth Context.” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 49, no. 1 (February 2021): 22–43. (with Norman Hillmer)

“Minority Governments and Canada’s Confused Foreign Investment Policy.” International Journal 75, no. 4 (December 2020): 502–515.

“The Predominant Prime Minister: St-Laurent and His Cabinet.” Chapter 3 in The Unexpected Louis St-Laurent: Politics and Policies for a Modern Canada, edited by Patrice Dutil. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2020. Pp. 72–88.

“The Problem Child: Diefenbaker and Canada in the Language of the Kennedy Administration.” Chapter 5 in Reassessing the Rogue Tory: Canadian Foreign Relations in the Diefenbaker Era, edited by Janice Cavell and Ryan M. Touhey. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018. Pp. 103–120.

“Political Time in a Westminster Democracy: The Canadian Case.” American Review of Canadian Studies 47, no. 2 (June 2017): 19-34

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“The Honourable Kathleen O’Day Wynne.” In The Premiers of Ontario, edited by Jean Chevrier. Ottawa: New Federation House, 2016. Pp. 97–100.

Reconcilable Differences: A History of Canada–US Relations. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015. 312 pp.


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