Carleton University History graduate Susan Joudrey (Ph.D., 2014) recently discussed the 1923 Calgary Stampede Raid on City Hall on Active History’s “History Slam.” As Joudrey explained to host Sean Graham, a group of First Nations men staged a publicity event by “invading” Calgary City Hall and established a new municipal government. In the podcast, available here, Joudrey explains the logistics of the Raid, and what representations of First Nations peoples in the Stampede event can tell us about the complicated legacy of colonialism in Canada.

1923 Calgary Stampede parade

Photo courtesy of Calgary Stampede Archives, by W. J. Oliver (1887-1954).

Joudrey’s Ph.D. dissertation, “Hidden Authority, Public Display: Representations of First Nations Peoples at the Calgary Stampede, 1912-1970,” was completed under the supervision of Dr. James Opp.