How can historians give back to their communities? Public History MA student Sara Nixon was on CBC Ottawa Morning on Monday January 19 to talk about just that. It’s a topic she has explored in detail through the development of her smartphone application, Grimsby Timescapes.


Sara Nixon explores how the past can be represented in the present with the Grimsby Timescapes app.

Through her blog, as well as her research, Sara addresses important historical questions about the presence of the past, historical representation, cultural preservation of a small town’s Main Street, and how digital applications can help engage wider audiences in local history.

Grimsby Timescapes is an extension of the Rideau Timescapes application developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Carleton Centre for Public History and the School of Information Studies. Prospective graduate students interested working on projects related to visualizing place, such as Sara’s, are encouraged to contact her supervisors Dr. James Opp or Dr. John Walsh.

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