History, Memory, Performance book coverProfessor David Dean‘s History, Memory, and Performance (Palgrave Macmillan) co-edited with University of Ottawa’s Yana Meerzon and Kathryn Prince, won Honourable Mention for the 2016 Patrick O’Neill Award from the Canadian Association for Theatre Research at Congress this year. The adjudicating committee commented:

“With an editorial vision and contributions spanning from Mother Courage to Regurgitophagy, and from go to dance theory, the collection breaks new ground between performance studies, history, and theatre. It should become a valuable touchstone for future scholars of history, historiography, and theatre and performance studies… No buts, ifs or ands – this is a tour de force.”

History, Memory, Performance is an interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring performances of the past in a wide range of trans-national and historical contexts. At its core are contributions from theatre scholars and public historians discussing how historical meaning is shaped through performance.

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