Paul LittProfessor Paul Litt, professor in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies and the Department of History, recently had his latest book, Trudeaumania, published by UBC Press, reviewed in The Star. A short excerpt is below with the full article, “New Books put Trudeaumania in fresh perspective“, available online.

But it is Paul Litt’s book, simply titled Trudeaumania, that fully embraces the idea of Trudeau as the saviour Canadians had been hankering for in the wake of upheavals catalyzed by separatism and the’60s. Unquestionably, he arrived on the scene at a propitious time. Centennial Year and Expo 67 marked Canada’s Coming of Age. As one of the country’s most prominent journalists at the time, Scott Young, opined, “Trudeau was a human expo…the long happy summer that can be extended and extended, world without end.”