It used to be said that nobody lived in Gananoque who hadn’t had their photograph taken by Lorne Prosser. For 62 years, beginning in the 1920s, Prosser worked as the town photographer, making a life for himself while inadvertently recording the daily life of small town Ontario.

At the recent Gananoque premier screening of ‘Prosser Portrait of a Small Town’  these students of History 4302 –– André Bourbeau (left), Carley Pickett, Heather Keary and Christine Smith –– had  a pretty cool experience meeting lots of people who knew Prosser, including some who brought their Prosser photos to the screening.  Joy O’Neill holds her wedding photo, taken by Prosser.

History 4302 is a unique course about storytelling, about taking history beyond academic papers and about creating an entertaining and enlightening short narrative historical documentary film.

Students interact and engage people in history, through writing in a creative manner,  exploring the limits of creative licence and the power of strong effective visuals, collaborating with colleagues, actors and musicians. In Hist 4302 we are after “a good story, well told.”