headshot of Susanne Klausen in front of green backgroundHistory Professor Susanne Klausen will first take up a Fellowship at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies for the 2019-20 academic year, before leaving for Penn State in July 2020.

To learn more about the projects that will be undertaken by her and her soon-to-colleagues in Amsterdam, please visit the NIAS Current Fellows webpage.

About the Fellowships

NIAS offers individual fellowships to scholars who wish to carry out advanced research in the humanities and the social sciences. For five or ten months, scholars are offered the time and space to work on a topic of their own choice. Both Dutch scholars and scholars from abroad can apply for a individual fellowship.

Individual fellowships are for scholars who have at least 3 years of post-Ph.D. degree academic experience. The same eligibility criteria apply to scholars with a Dutch and a non-Dutch affiliation, as well as the same selection procedure. The conditions of the fellowship, however, are different. More information about eligibility, the selection criteria, and the selection procedure and about what the individual fellowship for Dutch and non-Dutch entails, can be found below.