Jennifer Evans has received a major grant from the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Digital Citizen Contribution Program in support of her research on social media, memory, and misinformation. Her project, “Triangular Hate: digital memory, disinformation, and transnational traffic between Germany, the US, and Canada,” engages one aspect of harmful speech: the deliberate distortion of historical memory to pave the way for an alternative future, one that undermines the already fragile place of egalitarianism, multiculturalism, and internationalism within liberal democracy. By tracking vernacular social media connectivity for the German-Canadian-US traffic in populist online chatter across different platforms and in transnational perspective, this project charts the shifts and changes in rhetoric and reach and analyzes them in the context of gender, hate speech, social technology and historical memory. It complements the SSHRC and SSRC supported Populist Publics project currently underway that explores exclusively Canadian and US based groups and issues.