headshot of Laura Madokoro sin front of an out of focus stone wallHistory Professor Laura Madokoro has two new publications. The first is an article in BC Studies entitled  “Oh, Weldon Chan! Where Are You Hiding?”: Sanctuary and Fugitivity in Memory and Song, 1958 to the Present,”  from the BC Studies No. 209 Spring 2021 edition.

The second article is a co-edited special section with Patti Tamara Lenard, “The Stakes of Sanctuary” in Volume 4 (2021): Issue 1 (June 2021) issue of Migration and Society. The abstract is available below.

This introductory article lays out the objectives for this special issue of Migration and Society. In focusing on the stakes of sanctuary, both this introduction and the special issue concentrate on the ways sanctuary is inspired by, connected to, and symbolic of larger political and social processes. To see what is at stake, we outline some of the myriad possible meanings of sanctuary and examine the justifications given by the actors who offer and take sanctuary including notions of justice, solidarity, charity, and resistance. In highlighting what is at stake in specific acts and practices of sanctuary, we explore the benefits of pursuing a multidisciplinary examination of sanctuary, such as the one offered by the articles collected in this special issue.

Professor Madokoro also has a new article in the Conversation that is especially timely: “History of Asian activism tells us to share the burden of responsibility in fighting racism.