front cover of the special issue of the Urban History Review showing tall buildingsHistory Professor Laura Madokoro has co-edited a special issue of the Urban History Review entitled “Loss and the City” with Steven High of Concordia University and Laura Ishiguro of the University of British Columbia. In addition to being one of the guest editors, Professor Madokoro also co-authored the introduction along with with Professor High. This special issue emerged out of the Loss: A Symposium held at McGill University in Montreal during the spring of 2018.

“The opportunity to think through issues around loss and the city is an invitation to think about what is specific to losses in urban contexts and what theoretical, conceptual and intellectual conclusions might be drawn more broadly. A focus on loss and the city facilitates an exploration of loss in multiple keys; connections can then be drawn between grand structural phenomena and close, personal experiences. The contributions in this issue are simultaneously rooted in specific urban contexts but studied with a view to drawing larger conclusions about the nature of loss.”

—Laura Madokoro, Steven High