The Canadian Historical Association (CHA) has uploaded two webinars on its YouTube channel for those who were unable to attend the CHA Annual Meeting this year or those who did not attend the two plenaries.

Plenary on the Future of the History PhD at Canadian Universities:
The CHA Task Force on the Future of the History PhD at Canadian Universities presented the preliminary results of its research and solicited feedback from members.
Participants: Martin Pâquet, Christine O’Bonsawin, Sam Hossack, William Langford, Tina Loo, and John Walsh.
Chair: Catherine Carstairs
See it here.

Plenary on Oral History and the Ethic of Learning With:
This plenary round-table brought together leading Canadian oral historians to consider the ways that their historical research and teaching share learning and redistribute power.
Participants: Pamela Sugiman, Louise Bienvenue, Kristina Llewellyn, Allyson Stevenson, Katrina Srigley, Stacey Zembrzycki, Janis Thiessen.
Chair: Claudine Bonner
See it here.

You can also consult other CHA Webinars on YouTube at