Healthy Workplace

Carleton University’s Healthy Workplace initiative is an exciting program that is bringing workplace health to all Carleton staff and faculty. This initiative is working to help you enjoy a better balance between your responsibilities at home and work by offering you the opportunity to get involved in healthy activities that will benefit your physical and mental health.

Health Promotion

Healthy Workplace offers workshops and information sessions to the campus community about, but not limited to, nutrition, stress and health, and work-life balance. These are presented from both traditional and holistic approaches. In partnership with the university’s Athletics Department, activities are also offered to help incorporate fitness into everyday life, as well as facilitating participation in physical activity for all sectors on campus. Programming is based upon the 3 elements of a Healthy Workplace: healthy and lifestyle practices, workplace culture, and physical environment.

Work-Life Balance

An important aspect of the Healthy Workplace initiative is working to help faculty and staff enjoy a better balance between home and work. Carleton University is committed to providing ongoing support to its faculty and staff to promote work-life balance. Healthy Workplace programs and activities help provide balance, as well as some work-life balance specific sessions. Carleton also has an ongoing commitment to providing learning and professional development so that employees can enhance their skills and, in turn, feel more supported in their professional development.

Healthy Workplace Champions

The Healthy Workplace Champions are faculty and staff volunteers who play an important role in improving the health and well-being of the university’s employees.

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