Workplace Mental Health

At Carleton University, we take a holistic approach to supporting mental health in the workplace, which includes the Healthy Workplace Strategic Plan, the Not Myself Today campaign, and workplace mental health training opportunities for faculty and staff.

As part of Carleton University’s commitment to fostering mental wellness across campus, the Healthy Workplace has developed the Supporting a Colleague: A Step-by-Step Guide to provide information to faculty and staff should they encounter colleagues in distress and in need of help. This publication is based on the Supporting Students in Distress resource developed by the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment), as well as the Assisting a Colleague in Distress resource developed by the University of Calgary. It is meant as a guide, which includes steps you can take to support a colleague, as well as a list of resources.

The 4 Rs Approach

  1. Recognize – You may be the first person to recognize that someone is in distress or to notice a change in their typical behaviour. It’s okay to ask and express concern.
  2. Respond – Talk with the person. Once you have recognized there may be a problem, or if others have expressed significant concern about the person, it is important to respond and let the person know you are concerned.
  3. Refer – Encourage the person to get help and make a referral to one of the services below. Ask if they are already connected to support. Encourage help-seeking and offer to help your colleague connect with resources.
  4. Reflect – After the conversation ends, it is important to support yourself and practice self-care. Seek personal support if needed, 24/7 from the Employee and Family Assistance Program provider, Family Services Ottawa, at 613-725-5676.

For more information, download the Supporting a Colleague: A Step-By-Step Guide document.


Wellness Support

Proactively manage your work and personal life

Declining Mental Health

Address mental health concerns and emotional distress

Risk to Safety

Violent or threatening behaviour, risk of suicide or harm to others

Healthy Workplace
Committed to promoting a strong culture of well-being within the university community and providing mental health and wellness resources for all faculty and staff.
Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
EFAP is a free, confidential counselling service provided to faculty and staff, and their immediate family members, at any time.
Campus Safety Services
For life-threatening situations, call Campus Safety at ext. 4444 from any campus phone or 613-520-4444 from your cell phone.
Not Myself Today
Log in to the Not Myself Today Members Portal for Carleton faculty and staff to access a variety of mental health and well-being resources and education.
Walk-In Counselling Clinic
(Family Services Ottawa)
312 Parkdale Avenue
No appointment or referral required. Trained counsellors available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Distress Centre Ottawa
No referral needed. Offers crisis prevention, intervention, information and support 24/7.
Learning & Professional Development
Mental Health and other training opportunities to enhance your individual skills and abilities.
Human Resources
If you are concerned about a colleague, please contact Human Resources for support and guidance on how best to support them.
Crisis Line
Professionally trained Crisis Line Responders are there to answer calls 24/7

Upcoming Events

For all upcoming workplace mental health training opportunities, please visit the Learning & Professional Development website.

Check out the Healthy Workplace Mental Health Speaker Series – a series of workshops on topics presented by Carleton faculty members – launching in September 2019!