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Carleton University is a leading academic institution that is also one of Ottawa’s best places to work. We are committed to creating an outstanding workplace – and one way we do this is by offering our employees an extensive benefits package to support their continued health and well-being.

Extended Health & Dental Provider: Canada Life

View the benefit plans that you are enrolled in> Carleton Central > Employee Services > Benefits and Deductions > Health Benefits.

View your benefits at-a-glance summaries or benefits booklets> Benefits Details.

To change your benefits information, please fill out the applicable form(s) and submit it to the Pension and Benefits Administrator.

Claim Your Medical and Dental Benefits Online

Canada Life administers the Health & Dental Benefits at Carleton University. Carleton employees with Canada Life extended health or dental benefits can register on Canada Life, Canada Life’s online benefits portal, to access a variety of personalized, user-friendly services in a secure environment:

  • Canada Life for plan members
  • Member ID: your 9-digit employee number (10xxxxxxx)
  • Policy Number: 51801

For Canada Life Health and Dental claims queries, call the Canada Life dedicated VIP phone line that will give you priority service at 1-888-381-4401, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Download the Canada Life App for your smartphone: Android   Apple

Long-Term Disability Provider: Canada Life

Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance is part of your Carleton group benefits plan. If you become unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to an illness or injury while you are insured, LTD benefits provide you with monthly income replacement. View your benefits at-a-glance summaries or benefits booklets> Benefits Details.

To learn about the LTD process including returning to work click here >Understanding Your Long-Term Disability Coverage.

Health Care Information

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Personal problems can affect the lives of employees both at home and at work.  The EFAP, provided through Family Services à la famille Ottawa, is a free comprehensive program that helps employees and their families resolve personal problems.  For program details, click here.


Carleton University offers a number of tuition benefits and subsidies to support and encourage continuous learning initiatives. For opportunities not listed here, please visit our Learning and Development Page.


Core to its values, Carleton is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and supportive environment that is based on respect, equality, collegiality, recognition and safety. Learn more..


Disability and Termination Benefits

Carleton University offers benefits in case of disability or termination. Learn more…

Retirement and Pension

Carleton University offers a comprehensive retirement package.  For full information on Carleton’s retirement and pension plan, including types of contributions, receiving your pension, and more, please visit the Retirement and Pension section on this website.

Carleton University Group RRSP

The Group RSP offers employees the opportunity to designate funds by payroll deposit directly to the RSP.  Pick the funds you want to invest in. It’s a great tax-saving opportunity. Learn more…

Contact Us

Do you have questions about our benefits? Come and book an appointment with one of our team members here!