Welcome to Carleton University!

Welcome to our community of talented, committed, and enthusiastic faculty and staff!  We are dedicated to excellence and to supporting the education and research that distinguishes Carleton as Canada’s Capital University.

Carleton University has been named one of Canada’s top 100 employers for 2024 – a major honour awarded to only 25 institutions in the area.

To learn more about what makes Carleton a Top Employer, you can visit this link: http://content.eluta.ca/top-employer-carleton-university

Carleton is much like a small town with numerous resources and services available to you.  We encourage you to explore the Get to Know Campus section of our website for information on parking services, our tunnels, food services, the post office, ATM locations and more.

As a new employee you probably have questions about your benefits and pay. See our Getting Started page to confirm what documentation is needed in order to get you set up as a Carleton employee.

Once you are set up, Carleton Central is where you can access your pay information, tax forms, pay deductions, benefits, beneficiary information, and leave balances (where applicable).  You can also change your personal information on Carleton Central including address, phone number, and emergency contacts.

We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of Carleton University and look forward to your contributions to its success!