1. Pension Plan Booklet
  2. Retirement Plan Information
  3. Planning Your Retirement
  4. Retiree Benefits
  5. Annual Pension Statements
  6. Disclaimer

The Carleton University Retirement Plan is a hybrid plan containing elements of both a Defined Benefit (Minimum Guarantee Pension) and a Defined Contributions (Money Purchase Pension) pension plans.

Pension Plan Booklet

This booklet has been prepared to give you an easy reference to the Carleton University Retirement Plan. The information in this document is general in nature.

You may request a copy of the Carleton University Retirement Plan text by contacting Pension Fund Management at pensionfund@carleton.ca.

Retirement Plan Information

Learn about:

  • Plan eligibility
  • Growing your pension assets
  • Buying back past service
  • Pension portability

Planning Your Retirement

Learn about the pension plan:

  • Pre-Retirement Information
  • Early, normal, and postponed retirement
  • Types of pensions – MPP, MGP, AVC
  • Pension options – Normal, Life Guaranteed, Life, Joint Life Survivorship
  • Adjustment to pension after retirement
  • Historical pension fund interest rates

Retiree Benefits

Carleton Retiree Benefits

Private Supplemental Retiree Benefit Plans

The Pension Services team is available to provide pre-retirement information and calculations regarding the pension and benefit options.

Annual Pension Statements

Access your annual pension statements online by logging into your My HR: Carleton Intranet. If you have previously only received paper copies of your annual pension statements and would like to instead receive your statement online, please email HumanResources@cunet.carleton.ca.

In addition, you may access supplemental pension information by clicking here.


These web pages have been prepared to give you a quick and easy reference to the Carleton University Retirement Plan. The information is general in nature.  It does not constitute legal or actuarial advice about your rights and obligations and is not binding on Carleton University.

Should there be any conflict or omission between the information here and that contained in the Pension Benefits Act of Ontario (PBA), other applicable laws or the Plan documents, the PBA, other laws and plan documents apply.  The information provided here may include interpretations and administrative procedures as understood at the time of issuance.

Carleton University reserves the right to change or amend these interpretations and administrative procedures, whether or not the information in this document is updated.

Pension issues and options are extremely complex. It is important that you seek professional advice about your financial situation and estate planning.