Your manager is responsible for assessing, modifying, or discontinuing Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) for positions that report to them in accordance with the Flexible Work Arrangements policy and for seeking the required approval from the appropriate RPC chair before implementing an FWA. The decision to approve, deny, terminate, or otherwise modify an FWA is at the discretion of the University.

Length of the Agreement

FWAs can be made for a maximum of 1 year at which point a new FWA request will need to be submitted for review should the employee and the Departmental Manager wish to maintain the agreement. FWAs cannot be automatically renewed at the end of their term and having a prior agreement is not justification for any future agreements.

Submitting Requests

After discussing the FWA request with your manager, you will need to complete the Flexible Working Arrangement Request form. A copy of their submission will be sent to you, your manager and to Human Resources. Your manager will need to take your request to the appropriate RPC chair for approval before putting the arrangement into place. If approved, Human Resources will draft a formal agreement to be signed by you and your manager.

Suitable positions

Determining the suitability of a position for a flexible arrangement involves evaluating the effects the FWA will have on the University and the department’s ability to meet its operational requirements. For a position to be suitable, the FWA should not negatively impact the department’s culture, objectives, goals, or development activities.

Characteristics of suitable positions:

  • Some or all job duties can regularly be conducted off-campus.
  • The FWA does not affect the service quality or organizational operations.
  • The FWA does not add additional costs to the University or adversely affect University operations.
  • The FWA does not negatively impact team performance.

Each position should be evaluated individually and based on the specific request.