1. Guidelines
  2. Eligibility
  3. Application Procedure
  4. Early Payment
  5. Application Forms


The Career Development Fund is available to Carleton employees who wish to pursue training associated with their career development objectives within the university. This career development provision is intended to prepare an employee for another position within the University or to increase the ability of an employee to meet potential employment requirements beyond that outlined in his or her current role.

Job related development training differs from career development in that it is any training or skill upgrading required by the Employer.  Funding for job related development is therefore the responsibility of the Employer. This includes both on-campus and off-campus training courses and seminars.

To receive a reimbursement you must submit proof that you successfully completed  your  course or seminar. You must also submit your proof of payment. The amount requested on your application will be approved based on your anticipated costs. You will only be reimbursed for the actual cost of your course and/or expenses. Be sure to submit all expense receipts together once you have completed your program.

Please note: The Career Development Funds are limited. The $2000 limit will be based on the date of reimbursement of fees/expenses with the May 1st to April 30th fiscal year. Conferences are not covered.


There are funds available for union and non-union employees:

  • The CUPE 2424 Career Development Fund is open to members of the bargaining unit under Article 28 of the Collective Agreement.
  • The University Career Development Fund is open to all other non-academic continuing and term employees, not covered by the CUPE 2424 Collective Agreement, up to, but not including, the level of Administrative Director, Director or Assistant-Vice President.

Application Procedure

Career Development Fund applications will be reviewed with funding granted on the basis of relevance to career goal, future availability of the learning experience, and the applicant’s background. If an employee requests a course or program that is offered by Carleton University through a different organization, a rationale must be given.

Early Payment

To receive reimbursement before the completion of your program please submit an Early Payment Application along with your Career Development Fund Application Form. Once you are approved, you can submit all your receipts and receive an early reimbursement.

Please note: You are still required to submit proof of completion and the learning experience evaluation. If you have received an early payment and you do not finish your program your will need to repay your reimbursement.

Application Forms