1. Claim Your Medical and Dental Benefits Online
  2. Contact Canada Life: dedicated Carleton VIP phone number
  3. Health Care Information
  4. Dental Claims
  5. Drug Claims
  6. Vision Care Claims
  7. Extended Health Care Claims
  8. Emergency Travel Insurance

To see your current benefit plan details, go to the Employee Services section on Carleton Central and click on Benefits and Deductions.

To change your benefits information, please fill out the applicable form(s) and submit it to Benefits Specialist.  For a full list of benefits forms, visit the forms section on our website.

Claim Your Medical and Dental Benefits Online

Canada Life administers the Health & Dental Benefits at Carleton University. Carleton employees with Canada Life extended health or dental benefits can register on My Canada Life at Work, Canada Life’s online benefits portal, to access a variety of personalized, user-friendly services in a secure environment:

  • Canada Life at Work  for plan members
  • Member ID: your 9-digit employee number (10xxxxxxx)
  • Policy Number: 51801
  • Download the Canada Life App for your smartphone: Android   Apple

Contact Canada Life: dedicated Carleton VIP phone number

For Canada Life Health and Dental claims queries, call the Canada Life dedicated VIP phone line that will give you priority service at 1-888-381-4401, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Health Care Information

Dental Claims

Dental claims can be submitted in two ways, by electronic or mail-in submission. Some dental treatments require pre-approval before they can begin. This is called Predetermination of Benefits.

Many dentists will submit claims directly to Canada Life. You need to provide dentist with your employee ID (member ID) and the dental policy number (51801)

Drug Claims

Prescription drugs may be claimed either at the time of purchase by using the Pay Direct Drug Card or submitted later to Canada Life using a Healthcare Expenses Statement form.

Vision Care Claims

Extended Health Care Claims

Emergency Travel Insurance

If you are enrolled in Extended Health Care, emergency travel insurance is available to you and your dependents through Canada Life.

To submit a claim for out-of-country medical expenses fill out the following forms and send to Canada Life.

More information on travelling outside Canada: OHIP Information – Travelling outside Canada