The Latin American and Caribbean Studies program is delighted to announce that four (4) new specialists in Latin American studies have joined our ranks.  Their research and teaching will not only enrich our undergraduate and graduate programs, but it will also contribute to our intellectual community.  Please see below for a brief description of their research and links to further information:

  Dr. Beatriz Juárez Rodríguez recently joined the Department of Anthropology and Sociology.  Her research focuses on the intersection of ethnic, racial and gender identities, Black women’s social organizations, ethno-racial social movements, multiculturalism and post neoliberal states in Venezuela and Ecuador.  You can find a research profile here.

  Dr. Susana Vargas Cervantes has also recently joined the School of Journalism and Communication.  Her work has explored gender, sexuality, class and skin tonalities in Latin America.  Her most recent book The Little Old Lady Killer: the Sensationalized Crimes of Mexico’s First Female Serial Killer(NYU Press, 2019) is a study in gender deviance and challenges conceptions of victimhood.  For more, please follow this link.

 Dr. Hollis Moore joined the Department of Law and Legal Studies.   Her work explores the sociality of uneven carceral expansion, with a focus on the experiences, relationships, and understandings of people targeted by the criminal law. She is a Sociocultural Anthropologist by training and has conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork in and around prisons in Northeast Brazil.  For more, please follow this link.

Dr. Sean Burges joined the Bachelor of Global and International Studies. His work explores questions related to development, international political economy, foreign policy, and comparative politics with an emphasis on South-South relations.  His ongoing work is built around an examination of the business-government relations behind Brazil’s turn to Africa during the presidency of Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva. For more, please follow this link.