LACS 1001A: Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies I

Fall 2022

Instructor: Professor A. Diptée

Course Description: This course is organized to offer students new perspectives on Latin America and the Caribbean through an analysis of key themes relevant to the region.  It will uncover myths and stereotypes about the region.  It will also explore how different perspectives have led to very different interpretations about the region’s history.  Through the use of literature, film, music, historical documents, and various cultural artefacts produced in the region, students will reflect on how people from the region perceived their reality between the 15th and 20th centuries.  This will be compared to those narratives produced by people living outside the region.  As this is an interdisciplinary course students will be exposed to relevant material drawn from literature, economics, anthropology, and history (among other disciplines).

Class Format:  This course will be held online.  The professor will post relevant material each week.  In order to foster community in the course, there will also be weekly discussion groups.  During these groups students will be able to meet to discuss course material and to collaborate on their assignments.

Course Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated based on assignments and their participation in the weekly seminar.  Further instructions, strategies, and expectations for the course will be made available on Brightspace.