LACS 5800W: Scholarly Preparation in Latin America and Caribbean Studies

Winter 2023

Instructor:  Professor Audra Diptée

I. Overview:

The ability to effectively communicate ideas is an essential aspect of intellectual life.  This course is designed to support students with a shared interest in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) work on communicating their ideas about a specific project.  This may include work that contributes to their MA research projects or an individual project of their choosing.

Through scheduled meetings during the term, the course will provide students with an intellectual community that allows for collegial engagement by bringing together students who are working on LACS projects.  It will guide them through the research and writing for their projects and introduce them to specific research and writing techniques.

Note:  Student performance will be evaluated as either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.  Most often, students will complete this course in the 2nd year of their MA program.  Students pursuing a one-year MA, should discuss enrollment options with the LACS Coordinator.

II. Course Organization & Student Assessment:

The course will be organized around bi-monthly meetings.  The meetings will alternate between a “writing camp” and status report meetings.  The professor will provide a schedule outlining what is expected from students and which students will be responsible for giving mini-presentations on their ongoing research and writing.  Although this course is a formal part of their graduate training, students are also encouraged to think of the sessions as an “accountability group” in which they meet with other graduate researchers who share their interests in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Note:  Student performance will be evaluated as either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.

III. Research Projects

There are two streams for this course:

MA by Research Essay or Thesis

  • Students who are writing research essays or theses as part of the degree requirements will be expected to work on their approved MA projects.

MA by Course Work

  • Students pursuing the course work stream will complete a short independent project (written or digital) that is based on work completed in LACS 5000 (Interdisciplinary Approaches to Latin America and Caribbean Studies)