Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Contract Instructor Opportunities, 2020-21

Carleton University, Department of History

The Department of History is seeking qualified contract instructors for its Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) courses for the 2020-21 academic session. As a general rule, the minimum qualification is a Ph.D. in the appropriate field. Terms and conditions of employment are set out in the Collective Agreement between Carleton University and CUPE Local 4600, unit 2.

The University may require that all or part of these courses be delivered remotely, including online.

We are seeking contract instructors for the following courses:

LACS 1001 [0.5 credit] Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies I
An introduction to the history, culture, societies, and literatures of the region. Students will get a broad overview of the region and will be introduced to the disciplines used to study these societies.
Candidates are required to have research experience in the area of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  Priority will be given to candidates whose disciplinary specialization is history. A commitment to innovative pedagogical methods is expected.  Qualified candidates must be able to demonstrate research and teaching expertise in the area of pre-colonial and colonial history.
(Application deadline for this course is May 25, 2020.)

LACS 1002 [0.5 credit], Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II
An interdisciplinary introduction to the major political, economic, environmental, and geographical issues confronting the region.
Winter, day.
Candidates are required to have experience in teaching in the area of Latin American and Caribbean Studies directly related to 20th and 21st century politics and society and with a focus on democratization, authoritarian regimes, indigenous movements, social and foreign policies, and political economy. A record of relevant publications would be an asset.
(Application deadline for this course is May 18, 2020.)

Application Procedures and Deadlines:

As per Article 15.3 of the current CUPE 4600 Unit 2 Collective Agreement, applicants are required to submit a cover letter, an up to date CV that includes a listing of all courses taught within the CUPE 4600 Unit 2 bargaining unit at Carleton University, and a Contract Instructor Application Form. NOTE that when applying to classes for which they have incumbency, applicants shall not be required to (re)submit documentation beyond their updated CV.

Applications should be sent to the Department Chair via email to:

Dr. James Miller, Chair
c/o Ann Anderson, Departmental Administrator
Department of History
Carleton University

Disclaimer: All contract instructor positions are subject to budgetary approval. Advertisement is not a guarantee that a particular course will be offered.

A note to all applicants: As per Articles 16.3 and 16.4 in the CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement, the posted vacancies listed above are first offered to applicants meeting the incumbency criterion. A link to the current CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement can be found at the Academic Staff Agreements webpage on the Carleton University Human Resources website ( and the CUPE 4600-2 website (