We are proud to introduce @Mochi4theplanet, an evidence-informed social media campaign that challenges myths, fears, and complicated emotions by creating a community for youth to care for the planet and for each other.

@Mochi4theplanet is created by a team of professionals, students, and volunteers, that span multiple generations and nationalities from three different continents. @Mochi4theplanet will propose original posts and videos, as well as science inspired content, that will help youth to harness diverse emotions and become more involved with climate action to overcome climate change challenges.

We hope to inspire young generations to create solution-based narratives and to ignite a conversation where youth feel safe, comfortable and confident sharing their complex emotions as we all navigate the climate crisis together.

It is time we clean up our act! Join the movement and follow our social media campaign @mochi4theplanet on all platforms and check out our website: https://mochi4theplanet.com/ to discover the universality of connection, the power of story, and the human potential for resilience.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to get involved!


Your friends at MOCHI