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Rita | Sciences Po
M.A. International Affairs, NPSIA

“It was always my dream to study in Paris and I can say that it was the best academic decision I have ever taken during this whole Masters experience. As an International Affairs students, it allowed me to build a strong network of brilliant like-minded individuals, discover various new cultures, and even helped me gain a job at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headquarters!”

Victoria | University of Liverpool
Bachelor of Arts, Global Politics/Communications and Media Studies

“My advice to someone considering going on exchange would be to take your time and do your research. Carleton has so many partnerships with institutions all over the world so it can be overwhelming trying to make your selection. Take your time, read about the institutions and about the cities they are located in. This will help in assuring that you have selected institutions that are right for you.”

Photo of female student in Northen Italy with green hills and castle in the background

Sierra | University of Trento
Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management

“While the idea of going on an exchange is exciting, it can also be scary as you leave everything you know to live in a world so different from your own…Such an experience went beyond travel and adventure. It challenged me to grow as a person and to realize things I could have never learned had I chosen to stay in Ottawa for my entire degree. From hiking to a former castle on Easter Sunday morning to watching the clouds roll over the stars on a Mediterranean island, you would be amazed how life in such faraway places can impact your future.”

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Laura | University of Tübingen
Bachelor of Commerce, with a Concentration in Marketing, Minor in German

“This was my fourth academic exchange in my life and every one of them was different but I matured and developed so much from each one of them. I honestly have no regrets except that I did not try even more new things.”

Mathieu Breau and friends posing outside their van during a roadtrip to Melbourne.

Mathieu | University of South Australia
Law, Minor in Political Science

“I was always keen on experiencing something different and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. The exchange most definitely did this for me and grew my personal confidence and gave me a chance to see the world and meet amazing people, friends who I will no doubt have for the remainder of my life…Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go, or a language you’ve wanted to learn and go to that country and immerse yourself in the local cultures. If you second guess yourself, don’t, because at the end of it, you won’t want to leave.”

Luji posing with the Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan, Mexico) in the background.

Luji | Tecnológico de Monterrey
Communication Studies

“I chose to do the exchange because I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know a brand-new environment and to improve my language skills. I gained more confidence in communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds and the exchange program made it possible for me to travel around the country.”

Briana Fayad and friends in front of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Briana| LUISS Guido Carli
Public Affairs and Policy Management

“I chose to go on exchange because it is something I have always dreamed of doing. I love travelling and getting to know a new city and that is exactly what this experience enabled me to do. [What I’ll remember most from exchange is] meeting people from around the world and making new friends. However, my favourite memory has to be going out for dinner with all my new international and local friends.”

Thomas posing with a Scottish flag on the Isle of Skye in North Eastern Scotland

Thomas| University of Strathclyde
Commerce, Supply Chain Management

“My favourite memory from my exchange was the ability to cheaply and easily travel within Scotland and Europe. Take every opportunity you can, because you may never get the chance again and have an amazing time, as it will be one of the best memories of your life.”

Angela| Universidad Pública de Navarra
International Business, Minor in Spanish

“It was intense at the beginning due to the differences in language, lifestyle and systems in Spain. Hopefully, it didn’t take long to adapt and I had so much fun with travelling up to 12 countries (excluding Spain). I made many local as well as Erasmus friends. I did voluntary work in a church as a Academic Tutor Spanish-English and in Navarra Association as an accountant and also in charge with store’s management. I had a very great time working with Spaniards! It was an incredible experience in my life! I hope future exchange students got the chance to explore more, open up yourself, step out of your comfort zone and for sure, have tons of fun!”

Jessica | Shanghai International Studies University
International Business

“Looking back, I was terrified of even at the slightest idea of living in China for a year. I thought it was already enough that I decided to move from Toronto to Ottawa! I know that EVERYONE says this and I do not mean to be cliché, but going away (whether it may be for a semester/school year abroad, or even interning in a different country) is WORTH it. It allows you to learn in ways more than you can ever imagine; to open up your perspectives, to learn about yourself and to appreciate the life you have back at home. I can go on and on, but I won’t. I am not exactly sure what will happen after I graduate or how life will be after returning back home, but I know that this past year was unforgettable!”

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Female student sitting on hill overlook the ocean

Lydia | Maynooth University
Human Rights, Minor in Political Science

“Exchange is extremely valuable and positive because it allows you to see the world and experience new perspectives and experiences all while taking in a new culture; it pushes you out of your comfort zone! Going on exchange changed my life, I now have friends from all around the world. Additionally, I have new insights on the world and I have grown so much independently because of exchange. Students should apply for exchange because it gives you a unique opportunity to study and live in a different country and you meet lifelong friends!”

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Max standing in front of stone henge.

Max | University of East Anglia

“One of my favourite memories was finally visiting Poland. I am half-Polish and had always wanted to return to my father’s home country, so I spent two weeks immersing myself in several Polish cities. I also particularly loved biking throughout downtown Copenhagen. Do not be afraid to travel on your own. It can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re someone who has only ever travelled in groups or with friends, but travelling alone has its perks as you can travel exactly the way you want.”