Library Accessibility Services provides students registered through the Paul Menton Centre access to services that support their academic and research success.

Students with a referral can access the following services:

Checkout the NEW Accessible Group Study rooms on Floor 2 of the library (photos below). These rooms have been designed to provide students options to study in a traditional study room setting (height adjustable table & chairs), or in a comfy living room setting (cozy chairs & soft lighting)! Similar to the JMC, only students with a referral to the JMC will be able to book these rooms.

Image of room 233 featuring a table where multiple students can sit to work, chairs at the table, a white board on the wall, and a large-screen display in the background (turned off).

Room 233

Image of room 232 which features a two-seat sofa, two comfy chairs, a table in the centre and a white board on the wall.

Room 232

Speak to your PMC coordinator about getting a referral!