1. PMC Coordinator
  2. Counselling
  3. Learning Strategies
  4. PMC Student Services

Not sure where to send your question or concern? Check below for guidance.

Note: your PMC Coordinator can always refer your questions to the appropriate place.

PMC Coordinator

PMC-registered students can turn to their PMC Coordinator to discuss individual learning needs and available supports:

  • Assessing disability-related needs and functional limitations
  • Coordinating academic accommodations
  • Student development planning and skills building
  • Problem-solving
  • Referrals to student services on campus


PMC-Registered students can be referred to counselling services through their PMC Coordinator, by a Senior Disabilities Coordinator.

  • Coping with personal, academic, and social stressors
  • Emotional support and problem-solving
  • Balancing academic demands with university life
  • Promoting changes in habits and behaviour
  • Social skills support
  • Fostering growth and independence

Learning Strategies

PMC Students can access individual learning strategies support from a learning strategist. Speak to your PMC coordinator for a referral.

Meta-cognition, Outcomes, Resilience and Education (MORE) is a pilot program for new PMC-registered students aimed at the improvement of academic and mental health outcomes through enhanced supports. These supports focus on student engagement, skills building and resilience. MORE complements the provision of accommodation services currently offered by PMC. New PMC-registered students can be referred to the MORE program by their PMC coordinator.

PMC Student Services

Please note that unlike accommodations, services are not mandated under legislation, and as such are not guaranteed.

Discuss your eligibility for PMC Services with your PMC Coordinator.

  • Notetaking Services
  • Tutoring Services
  • and more…

For more information about additional student resources, visit our Student Resources page.